Turkey begins evacuating its soldiers from southern Idlib

A special source close to the “Turkish Army” revealed, that the Turkish Ministry of Defense has begun evacuating hundreds of its soldiers stationed in military points and bases south of Idlib, with the aim of sending them to the Mediterranean to carry out military exercises off the coast of Greece.

The source, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, said: “The soldiers were evacuated from the Turkish observation points in villages on Idlib, keeping only a small number at those points.

The source pointed out that Turkey: kept within those points, soldiers specializing in firing (artillery), as for those who were transferred, they are from the special forces (commandos) and infantry.

One of the elements of the “National Army” supported by Ankara, called “Suhail Abu al Tow”, posted on his account on “Twitter” a tweet, confirming his intention to leave with the Turkish army to fight in Greece.

“Abu al Tow” is known to be one of the most famous “Tow missile” shooters in Idlib governorate, and he belongs to the opposition factions supported by the Ankara government.

Leaked news had begun to talk about Turkey preparing to send members of the Syrian National Army factions to participate in its possible operations against its neighbor after the tension increased between them against the backdrop of attempts to explore for oil off the Greek coast.