Exodus from New York: Residents of America’s largest cities are leaving in masse

Certainly there are reasons for the mass exodus from New York to the suburbs and even other states.

Rich New Yorkers, just like residents of large cities in other countries, have always tried to leave the city in the summer. 

However, summer migration has now turned into a torrent, similar to the mass exodus caused by restaurants and public spaces shutdown, the growth of crime, and the possibility of remote work.

Last Sunday, the New York Times wrote, in two different articles, that demand for carriers’ services from New York, which has grown so much in recent months that they have had to restrict orders.

Meanwhile, there is an unprecedented demand for suburban housing.

The fact that some of the wealthy New Yorkers who left the city in the summer do not intend to return, at least in the near future, is also illustrated by the growth in real estate sales. In July 2020, its sales were up 44 percent in New York’s neighborhoods, compared to July 2019.

Since the start of the epidemic, nearly all New York suburbs have recorded a sharp rise in demand for homes, regardless of prices. 

Real estate agents say they never mention such turnout in their lives.

New Yorkers not only move to suburbs or neighboring counties, but also to other states, such as Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Oregon, where life is cheaper than New York.

The Coronavirus epidemic quickly revived the movement of Americans, which had reached its peak in the middle of the last century. 

The mass exodus from major cities is fueled by fear of living in densely populated areas during the epidemic, the high potential of the Internet that allows remote work, and the absence of nightlife and entertainment activities in new places, other than large cities.