The fourth package of Caesar’s sanctions on Syria will be the most painful

Press sources said that Syria is on the date of the fourth package of Caesar sanctions imposed by the United States of America on him under the “Caesar Act”.

The expected fourth package of “Caesar” sanctions will be the most painful in the economic aspect, after focusing in the previous three packages on the military and media fields.

According to the sources, the fourth list is unprecedented and will include non-Syrian personalities, in a step that is the first of its kind since the entry into force of the “Caesar Act” in mid-June.

Sources indicated that the US administration has lists of 30 Lebanese personalities and entities, and will primarily target banking and banking institutions that have unannounced financial accounts affiliated with the Syrian government.

Asaad Hanna, a member of the Syria Emergency Action Team – an US non-governmental organization – and one of those in charge of the “Caesar” team, said that the fourth package is expected to affect non-Syrian personalities and entities, who support and dealt with Damascus.

In turn, the coordinator of the Caesar Act team within the National Coalition, Abdul Majeed Barakat, suggested that the United States would announce the fourth package of sanctions in the middle of this month, confirming that he had information indicating that it would affect non-Syrian personalities, including two Lebanese.

It is noteworthy that the United States announced in mid-June the first sanctions against Syria under the “Caesar Act”, followed by weeks of imposing the second package of Caesar sanctions, while it imposed in late August the third package of Caesar sanctions.