Sources reveal details of the arrival of new Saudi forces to Hasaka and the tasks assigned to it

The US forces in Syria are making preparations to receive a new batch of Saudi soldiers inside their base in the al Shaddadi area in the southern countryside of Hasaka in the north of the country. 

According to world sources, the first batch of Saudi forces that arrived at al Qaeda about ten days ago are carrying out the tasks assigned to them from within the base.

The American forces in Syria are preparing to implement inside the country with the help of Saudi soldiers who are subsequently brought into Syria.

The unknown scenario has so far been revealed by private sources to the world and said that the US forces are making preparations inside their base in al Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka to receive a new batch of Saudi forces within a short period.

According to the same sources, the first batch of Saudi soldiers actually arrived at the base about 10 days ago, numbering about 20 soldiers led by an officer called Saeed al Jaifi, and they were delivered to the American base as part of an US military convoy that entered the country through the Iraqi borders in a double violation of the Iraqi and Syrian sovereignty.

The Saudi officers, world sources say, are still at the base, where they are exercising the tasks entrusted to them from there, and the most prominent of these tasks is to work to attract tribes in the region and to formulate an agreement with them that aims in the first stage to stop the path of tribal mobilization against the American forces there.

The US attempt to contain the clans came after the increased field pressure on them recently, as the region witnessed the first targeting of the US base in the Koniko gas field with three local missiles in a development that was considered the beginning of the development of an escalation path that may lead to military operations, as stated in statements issued by the tribes in previous times where they confirmed their rejection of existence Illegal US presence in the region.

Official sources in Syria confirm the existence of US plans to bring Saudi forces into Syria to be part of the arrangement of the region in the north of the country, in addition to carrying out training tasks for the forces known as the SDF in order to be able to form a force that controls the Syrian borders with Turkey and Iraq.

It is noteworthy that many observers of the Syrian affair are afraid of a new scenario that enters the region into a spiral that may not differ much from the terrorist Wahhabi spiral of ISIS, even with other addresses.