Lavrov to Damascus on Monday

Eight years have passed since the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Syria at the time, the residents of the Syrian capital went out to receive the guest minister.

A reception that is still being mentioned in the corridors of the foreign affairs.

The Russian minister will arrive in Damascus on the first public visit of a high-ranking Russian official accompanied by a large delegation headed by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Parisov and President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to the Middle East, North Africa and the Syrian crisis,
sources close to the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the visit carries a political, economic and political character, the importance of which comes after the end of the last round of meetings of the Constitutional Committee and what the international envoy Pedersen presented to Lavrov in Moscow and the escalation of shocks The Russian-American military in the eastern Syria and the exacerbation of the regional situation, Turkey and Greece, the Libyan crisis, the Beirut bombings.

While sources suggest that Lavrov is in his pocket what is important and born in the last hours, given the sudden announcement of the visit, and at a time when Moscow is busy with the events of the escalating Belarusian neighbor, the presence of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Parisov in the delegation, who is the head of the government side in the Syrian-Russian Joint Committee, indicates that there are files.

An economy will be put on the table for discussion, especially since it is the first visit of a Russian official concerned with economic affairs after the approval of the so-called Caesar Act, while some observers wonder about reaching any new political understandings as long as the easing of economic obstacles on Syria was subject to political concessions?

The media showed interest in announcing the announced visit, and analyzes began with the Russian delegation to Damascus, while observers linked the visits to the results of the last round of meetings of the Constitutional Committee.

Regional political developments, while others went to link the visit to Russian-Turkish understandings regarding northern Syria and to discuss the presence of some military forces on the Syrian lands, especially the American demand to remove the Iranian forces from Syria.

Eyes are on the lookout for what will be announced in the press conference at the end of the visit, while the most important points remain.

Confined in the halls of meetings awaiting implementation on the ground at a time when the consequences of the Caesar Act and the economic blockade cloud the daily situation of the Syrian citizen.