In response to Western accusations by Russia of poisoning Navalny

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, on Saturday, that “Western experts” worked to manufacture “Novichok” poisons, which Germany said that the Russian dissident Alexei Navalny was poisoned with it.

This came in response to Western accusations directed at Russia that it was involved in “poisoning” Navalny with a substance of the type “Novichok”.

Russia Today TV quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement that it “documents numerous anti-Russian statements regarding the situation regarding Navalny’s health condition”.

The statement added: “In response to peremptory statements that the nerve gases known in the West under the name Novichok were designed in our country, we must bring to mind the following: For several years, experts in many Western countries and the competent bodies of NATO have been working on material design contained in this large group.

He continued, “As for the United States, more than 150 patents have been granted to designers of techniques for using them for military purposes”.

The German government previously announced, in a statement, that the medical examinations conducted by Navalny, in an army laboratory, “confirmed the existence of conclusive evidence that he was a victim of poisoning with a nerve gas of the Novichok type,” according to the European “Euronews” website.

Last week, German government spokesman Stephen Seibert suggested that the Russian dissident, who is in a coma in a Berlin hospital, was a “victim of a poison attack,” justifying the protection provided by the police to Navalny in the hospital.

Accordingly, the United States and the European Union called on Russia to open an investigation into the “poisoning” of Navalny, while Moscow said it was ready to conduct a comprehensive and objective investigation into what happened with the Russian opposition.

Navalny’s health deteriorated while on a flight on August 20, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in the Russian city of Omsk.

Russian doctors agreed to allow Navalny, a 44-year-old lawyer and anti-corruption activist, to be transferred from a hospital in Siberia, at the request of his relatives, to Berlin for treatment.