F15 fighter is useless under S400

Chinese experts believe that the United States of America is no longer the maker of “armament” fashion. The United States lost the lead in the field of weapons in 2018, according to the newspaper “Soho” after Russia manufactured the “Kingal” missile, which is equivalent to the speed of sound.

After that, the United States announced that it would build a faster and more powerful missile than the Russian “Kingal” missile. The speed of the prospective US missile, dubbed AGM-183, is assumed to be Mach twenty (roughly 20 times the speed of sound). 

That is why the AGM-183 missile will be able to penetrate air defense networks, and can evade advanced interceptors, especially the Russian S-400 missile.

It is assumed that the “F-15” fighters receive the AGM-183 missiles, which should make the “F-15” fighter against the “S-400” missiles.

The newspaper, quoting Chinese experts, said that the United States no longer spoke about the missile tests.

The Chinese newspaper concluded by saying that the United States has not been able to create a weapon capable of vanquishing the Russian “S-400” missile system.

The Chinese newspaper added that the Chinese experts assert that the “F-15” fighter is useless in the absence of a high-speed weapon that is more powerful than the Russian weapon.