TRUMP: Force is the only way to stop the violence in Democratic-run cities

US President Donald Trump said today, Sunday, that force is the only way to stop violence in Democratic-run cities.

Trump twitted: “The only way to stop the violence in the high-crime cities that Democrats run is through force!”

A prominent official in the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, said that Biden, “will go out this week to deliver a speech about the current situation in the country,” in reference to the demonstrations taking place in several regions of the United States to demand racial justice.

Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, told Fox News on Sunday that President Donald Trump was inciting violence over the protests “in all of the statements he made over the summer,” according to Bloomberg News.

Bidingfield did not rule out that Biden would visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is a current hotspot for protests.

Trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha on Tuesday.

Violent demonstrations swept through the city after police were filmed shooting Jacob Blake, a man of African descent, in the back several times at close range about a week ago.

The United States recently witnessed several similar demonstrations against the background of the killing of George Floyd, who is also of African origin, by the police as well.