The French authorities arrest a senior military officer on charges of communicating with a foreign power

A French soldier was accused by the Ministry of the Armies, a lawsuit against him for “communicating with a foreign power that undermines the basic interests of the state,” and he was imprisoned on August 21 in Paris, according to a judicial source.

The source explained that this French soldier was stationed abroad, confirming information reported by Radio Europe-1, which said that he was at a base belonging to NATO in Italy and is suspected of spying for Russia.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly confirmed a report that a senior officer is being investigated on suspicion of passing sensitive documents to Russian intelligence services, according to Bloomberg news agency on Sunday.

“Europe 1” radio channel reported earlier today, Sunday, that a French lieutenant colonel, stationed at a NATO base in Italy, was arrested by French local intelligence services, while he was preparing to return to work after a leave.

He is being held in Paris, according to the report.

Parly told CNN news that France has taken the initiative to start legal proceedings against the officer, who is being investigated for breaching security. 

The minister did not provide any details about the case.