Syrian President Bashar al Assad issues a decree forming the new government headed by Hussein Arnous and naming all the ministers

Syrian President Bashar al Assad issued a decree to form the Syrian government headed by Engineer Hussein Arnous and to name its members.

The Facebook page of the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic posted on Sunday, that President Assad issued Decree No. 221 for the year 2020 to form the new Syrian government headed by Engineer Hussein Arnous.

According to the page, the members were named as follows:

Engineer Hussein Arnous: Prime Minister

General Ali Abdullah Ayoub: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense

Mr. Walid al Muallem: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar al Sayed: Minister of Endowments

Mansour Fadlallah Azzam: Minister of Presidential Affairs

Engineer Hussein Makhlouf: Minister of Local Administration

Dr. Salam al Safaf: Minister of Administrative Development

Dr. Salwa Abdullah: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor

Dr. Muhammad Samer al Khalil: Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade

Mr. Imad Abdullah Sara: Minister of Information

Major General Mohamed Khaled Rahmoun: Minister of Interior

Engineer Mohamed Rami Martini: Minister of Tourism

Dr. Bassam Ibrahim: Minister of Higher Education

Engineer Suhail Abd al Latif: Minister of Public Works and Housing

Engineer Iyad al Khatib: Minister of Communications and Technology

Mr. Talal al Barazi: Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection

Dr. Labana Mashouh: Minister of Culture

Dr. Darem Tabaa: Minister of Education

Mr. Ahmed al Sayed: Minister of Justice

Mr. Tammam Raad: Minister of Water Resources

Dr. Kinan Yaghi: Minister of Finance

Eng. Zuhair Khuhaim: Minister of Transport

Mr. Bassam Tohme: Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources

Dr. Hassan al Ghobash: Minister of Health

Ziad Sabbagh: Minister of Industry

Engineer Muhammad Hassan Qatna: Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

Eng. Ghassan al Zamil: Minister of Electricity

Mr. Muhammad Fayez al Barsha: Minister of State

Mr. Muhammad Samir Haddad: Minister of State

Mr. Malloul al Hussein: Minister of State