German Parliamentarians: Turkey is not a trustworthy partner

German foreign affairs experts have sharply criticized the Turkish government due to the disagreement between the two members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Greece and Turkey, over oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean.

“Unfortunately, gas exploration operations carried out by Turkish ships in international waters are part of the escalation and provocations strategy followed in the past months… and this includes on the Turkish side restricting freedom,” said Jurgen Hart, a parliamentarian for the “Christian Democrats” party.

Press, opinion, freedom of information, provocations to Greece and the conversion of the world heritage site of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Hart stated that these “provocations” from the Turkish government have local motives, expressing in return his belief that they will not help Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in eliminating the growing youth’s dissatisfaction with the economic crisis.

Hart explained that “the parliamentary bloc of the Christian Alliance in the German Parliament calls on Turkey, after many years of isolation, to return to the values ​​of NATO, the Council of Europe and the European Union,” stressing the need to settle differences of opinion diplomatically and in accordance with international law instead of clashing.

As for the parliamentary bloc of the “Free Democratic Party”, it stated in a statement that Turkey today is not a trustworthy partner, and said that “the German government should not hesitate to face oppression in Turkish domestic politics and the aggressive regional political of Ankara”.

For her part, the representative of the “Left” party in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Parliament, Sevim Dagdelen, said: “The German government should not continue to turn a blind eye, and it should clearly name the Turkish violations of international law that violate the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus”.

Greece accuses Turkey of illegally drilling for natural gas reserves off the Greek islands, and the European Union condemned the Turkish measures and demanded that Ankara stop them.

In contrast, the Turkish government asserts that the waters in which it is exploring for natural gas on an experimental basis belong to the Turkish continental shelf.

It should be noted that German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas visited Greece and Turkey on Tuesday to mediate a solution to the conflict between the two countries.