Explosions in the sky of Damascus and news of Israeli aggression

Sounds of explosions was heard in the sky of Damascus.

The Syrian army dealt with an Israeli aggression south of the Syrian capital.

According to preliminary information, the Syrian air defenses confronted enemy targets and a number of missiles in the sky of the Damascus countryside.

The Syrian offical News Agency, SANA, indicated that the aggression took place from the Mount Hermon area in the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan.

While Syrian military sources confirmed that the air defenses managed to shoot down a large number of missiles before they reached their targets.

A successive missile strikes launched from the triangle of the Syrian-Lebanese border adjacent to the Golan, towards the western Ghouta airspace for Damascus in its eastern section on the axis of the al Kiswah Mountains – which were subjected to previous attacks – in addition to the airspace of the Daraa highway towns, and the Syrian defenses were able to deal with most of them.

  • Violent voices were heard by residents of the capital for a few minutes, and the news that was circulating about the targeting of Mazzeh Airport, west of the capital, is untrue.
  • The Syrian military source has not yet talked about martyrs or wounded, with the return of cautious calm, amid intermittent flight of reconnaissance aircraft marching along the ceasefire line, and the atmosphere of the occupied observatories on Mount Hermon.
  • The IDF soldiers deployed with their vehicles two hours from now on the disengagement tape at the site of the fires opposite the Quneitra countryside after the explosion of landmines in the separation zone, for fear of attempts to infiltrate the occupied territories.

A Syrian military source stated that at exactly 22.40 pm, Monday, the Zionist enemy launched an air strike from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan on some of our military sites south of Damascus.

The Syrian military source continued: “Our air defense media confronted them and most of the missiles were dropped before they reached their targets”.

The Syrian military source concluded by saying: “The Israeli aggression resulted in two martyrs, wounding seven soldiers, and material damage”.

The air defense units in the Syrian army responded to the Israeli attack and intercepted most of the missiles before they reached their targets, according to a Syrian military source.

According to casualties, the Syrian army lost two and 7 others Syrian soldiers were wounded in the Israeli aggression