National Interest: Israel is developing the world’s most dangerous stealth fighter

Israel acquired dozens of US stealth fighters, “F-35”, which is one of the most dangerous war fighters in the world, and it has the right to develop it with local technologies and weapons to become the most advanced version of its class.

The American “National Interest” magazine says that the copy obtained by Israel “F-35i” is considered the most dangerous in the world and that it gives Israel a technical advantage even over the countries that own that plane. 

The magazine pointed out that the secret of the superiority of the Israeli version of the plane lies in the Israeli army’s obtaining special privileges that allow it to provide the plane with Israeli military technologies, including C4I command systems, and other technical means that allow it to share battle data with the rest of the Israeli fighters during the fighting.

A feature that other copies of the aircraft do not have.

The concessions obtained by Israel allow the aircraft to be equipped with Israeli weapons and missiles that were locally developed to suit the operational environment in the vicinity of Israel.

The most prominent of the Israeli weapons carried by the plane are guided bombs and “Baqoon 5” guided missiles (air-to-air), which can be fired from the weapons cabinets inside the fuselage.

The Israeli Air Force is also seeking to provide the aircraft with two additional fuel tanks, in a manner that could increase the aircraft’s range by more than 30 percent.

Israel continues to increase the size of its stealth fighters’ fleet, and received 4 “F-35” aircraft early this month, as part of a military deal that includes 50 aircraft, representing the spearhead of the Israeli Air Force in the coming decades.

And that batch of aircraft arrived at the Air Force base “Nevatim”, and thus the number of these aircraft in the Air Force will reach 27 aircraft.

The F-35 fighter jets, which are scheduled to reach 50 in Israel, are among the most dangerous fighters in the world, and belong to the fifth generation of war fighters, and are distinguished by their stealth capabilities, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post.