Merkel: The Syrian conflict is a “great tragedy”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the situation in Syria as “a great tragedy”.

“It is a great tragedy in which the hopes of what was once called the Arab Spring have turned into their opposite,” Merkel said on Friday during her traditional summer press conference in Berlin.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Syria since 2011, millions have been displaced and the country has been largely devastated. 

The United States, Russia, Turkey and Iran are involved in the conflict in various aspects.

Merkel added, “Russia has not hesitated to respond to Syrian president Assad’s call for help, so to speak,” noting that Russian support for Assad has strengthened the situation in Syria, and so far no “comprehensive operation” has taken place in the country. 

In other words, there are no comprehensive discussions between the different camps, stressing that they will continue throughout their tenure to work in order to ensure that the voices of the displaced inside and outside Syria are heard.