Democrats bought a Trump website to expose his pledges

Democrats in the United States have bought a website that raises a slogan used by President Donald Trump, in order to launch a fact-finding process and provide anti-Trump messages, as the country enters the final period before the presidential elections in November.

The focus of “Cape America,” meaning “Keep America Great”, has been the pledges Trump made during his campaign. 

Democrats say “promises made, promises made,” as they review a range of issues from national security to immigration and the economy.

Even so, Trump uses his main slogan, “Make America great again,” but as he ran to win a second term, his campaign slightly modified the slogan to “Keep America Great”. 

And it appears that the Republicans could not quickly take over the website in question.

“Trump is not looking for a second term, he is looking for a new opportunity after the failure,” the campaign for Democratic candidate Joe Biden said.

Democrats have begun promoting the website on social media, as they try to find facts about Trump, who often makes misleading claims in his speeches.