The Parliament of Greece postpones the vote on two maritime agreements with Italy and Egypt

The Greek parliament has postponed the vote on the approval of two agreements signed with Italy and Egypt regarding the demarcation of borders until Thursday.

A statement issued by Parliament on Wednesday stated that it was decided to postpone the vote scheduled for Wednesday, due to the measures taken to combat the Coronavirus.

On June 9, 2020, Greece and Italy signed an agreement defining the exclusive economic zone between the two countries in the Ionian Sea, followed by an agreement by Athens with Egypt on August 6 to determine maritime jurisdiction in the Mediterranean.

While the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its rejection of the Greek-Egyptian agreement, and said in a statement that “there is no maritime border between Greece and Egypt”.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry emphasized that “the so-called agreement to demarcate the areas of maritime jurisdiction signed between Egypt and Greece is invalid for Turkey”.

Greece and the administration of southern Cyprus seek to distance Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from the natural resources in the Mediterranean.

They are also trying to confine Turkey in a narrow sea space on the banks of the Gulf of Antalya, which is rejected by Ankara and affirms its determination to protect its rights in the region.