Russia launches the major military “White Desert” operation in Syria

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A spokesman for the Russian forces operating in Syria announced today, Tuesday, that there has been a noticeable increase in militant activity in central Syria, and the emergence of the majority after the amnesty from the so-called “administration of northeastern Syria” controlled by the United States.

The spokesman said: “The terrorists are impeding the reconstruction of social and economic life in Syria by their actions

They impede the establishment of relations between the local Arab tribes and Damascus.

This is a situation that will benefit the United States first, and will allow it to justify its presence in eastern Syria.

The spokesman added: “The militants are working to destabilize the situation in the region through the process of sabotaging transportation lines and oil installations in Syria, and attacking patrols and sites of the Syrian army. 

On the 18th of August, the Russian military advisor, General Gladkikh, was killed as a result of an explosive device explosion in Deir al Zour Governorate.

“ISIS gangs in central Syria are joined by militants who were trained in the territories occupied by the United States in the al Tanf and Euphrates regions of Syria”.

He continued, the last month in an area known as the White Desert in the center of the Syrian Arab Republic witnessed a noticeable increase in the activity of armed formations made up of ISIS elements, at the same time, most of the militants appeared in the area after the amnesty announced by what is known as the Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria controlled by the United States.

He stressed that Operation White Desert in Syria will continue against the remnants of the gangs until the armed groups controlled by the United States are eliminated.

He explained that the Syrian army carried out a large-scale operation, with the participation of Russian advisers, against the militants in the center of the country from 18 to 24 August.

The spokesman added: The air strikes of the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force, artillery fire, reconnaissance and search operations of special purposes in the White Desert resulted in the liquidation of 327 militants, the destruction of 134 shelters, 17 observation points, 7 stores of ammunition and 5 underground stores of weapons and ammunition.