The suspension of negotiations of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva after the discovery a Coronavirus cases

Media reported that the second session scheduled today, Monday, was canceled from the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the third round to discuss the “Syrian constitution”, after suspected cases of Coronavirus among the participants.

Source in the Syrian opposition, said that a number of Coronavirus cases were discovered among the participants in the meetings of the Constitutional Committee.

The head of the Syrian opposition delegation Hadi al Bahra said in this regard: “There is news of coronavirus infections among the participants, and we are still waiting for reports to know more about these cases, and we have reports of 3 cases of Covid-19”.

al Bahra pointed out that the members of the Syrian opposition delegation conducted Coronavirus examinations once before leaving Istanbul and once in Geneva, and the results were negative, and that “based on the results of the tests, we will see whether or not the meetings of the Constitutional Committee will resume at the United Nations headquarters”.

For her part, a member of the mini-committee to discuss the amendment of the constitution, on behalf of the civil society delegation, Mays Kreidi, said: “The UN special envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen suspends the second session of the work of the first day of the small committee due to the discovery of 3 cases of coronavirus among the delegations”.

In addition, our correspondent in Geneva mentioned that the first meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee ended in a positive atmosphere.

Regarding the first meeting, the head of the Syrian opposition delegation, Hadi al Bahra said: “Entering into the agreed agenda began and all parties had positive interventions… This is part of the political process and may be a catalyst for moving the rest of the baskets”.

For its part, the Offical Syrian government news Agency SANA quoted official sources regarding the first meeting: “The government delegation headed by Dr. Ahmed al Kuzbari stressed the importance of adhering to the unifying national identity of the Syrian people, and agreeing to it as a fundamental principle of the national foundations and principles that can form the solid ground for the committee’s work in the subsequent stages.

On Sunday, the participating delegations arrived and underwent medical examinations, and UN Special Envoy Geir Pederson met Dr. Ahmed al Kuzbari, the co-chair of the committee, and discussed with him the details of today’s meeting.

This third round of the mini-committee will continue its work in Geneva until next Friday, with a new date set for the fourth round at its conclusion.

The delegation of the Negotiating Committee in the Constitutional Committee met the US envoy, James Jeffrey, on the eve of the start of the third round of the work of the small committee of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.