The explosion of a gas line cuts off electricity to all of Syria

The Syrian Minister of Electricity, Eng. Muhammad Zuhair Kharboutli, said that the explosion of the al Arabi gas pipeline between al Dameer and Adra in the countryside of Damascus led to a power outage in Syria.

Kharboutli said in a call with the Syrian TV channel at dawn of Monday, an explosion, which is the sixth of its kind to which this line is exposed in the same area, led to a subsidence.

The pressure of the gas present in the Deir Ali Power Station is on, and consequently, the loss of gas quantities and the continuous exit of the rest of the stations, which led to a power outage.

He added that the Ministry of Electricity, in working and coordinating with the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, is working hard to restore the situation to what it was and restore the electric current in a successive manner during the next few hours.

For his part, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Engineer Ali Ghanem, said that the main pipeline feeding the southern region had been subjected to an explosion that might have been caused by a terrorist act.

In contact with the Syrian TV channel, Ghanem added that the technical workshops and stakeholders in the Syrian Gas Company were informed from the first moments to start the immediate repair operations of the line after assessing the damage, and that work is underway to return this line to its normal state and work as soon as possible.

Ghanem added that the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, working and coordinating with the Ministry of Electricity, is working to assess the situation and start the repair process and restore the electrical current to what it was.

He explained that this pipeline, with a diameter of 36 inches and with a capacity of 7 million cubic meters of gas, feeds the stations of Deir Ali, Tishreen and Nasiriyah in the southern region, which are currently out of service as a result of the explosion.

On the same context, the US special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, confirmed on Monday, that his country “is still studying the explosion that occurred in a gas pipeline in Syria, but the incident apparently bears the hallmarks of the terrorist organization ISIS”.

“We are still studying the matter,” Jeffrey told reporters in Geneva at the start of talks sponsored by the United Nations for the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

It is almost certainly an attack by ISIS terrorist organization” according to Reuters.

It’s noteworthy, the power began to flow gradually from the generation stations to the Syrian governorates and cities, after repairing the damage caused by the terrorist bombing that targeted al Arabi gas pipeline at dawn of Monday between the regions of al Dameer and Adra, northeast of Damascus.