The close advisor to the US President Kellyanne Conway resigned

Kellyanne Conway, a close advisor to US President Donald Trump who is known for her sharp stances towards journalists, announced on Sunday that she has submitted her resignation to devote herself to her family.

The 53-year-old communications consultant has been with Trump since day one and led the 2016 election campaign that brought the billionaire to the White House.

But the last four years that she spent fiercely defending the US President, especially through television channels, had a price for the militant woman who developed the principle of “alternative facts” and has always defended it.

Her husband, conservative attorney, George Conway is one of Trump’s fierce critics and questions his mental ability to run the country.

Conway announced in a statement that she would leave the White House “at the end of the month”.

He said that this decision “is completely optional,” noting that it will announce its “future plans at the appropriate time”.

“George is also making changes,” she added. 

We have disagreements about many matters, but we are united over the most important: the children.

She indicated that her four children will start their school year remotely.

“As millions of parents across the country realize, home schooling children need an extraordinary level of alertness and alertness similar to our period,” said the elegant blonde.

The announcement comes the day after her 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, twitted that she was “very sad” because her mother would speak at the Republican Party convention.

For his part, George Conway announced that he would move away from the “Lincoln Project”, an anti-Trump Republican group he co-founded, and would take a break from Twitter, which he used to frequently attack the president.