Syria is working to issue a decree to consider Coronavirus victims of doctors and pharmacists’ as martyrs

The head of the Damascus Countryside Doctors Syndicate, Khaled Moussa, stated that since Syria lost its first doctor, the Syndicate has been working on a request for a legislative decree to consider deceased doctors as a result of the Coronavirus as martyrs, and in the second approach, work is done on the basis that any doctor’s infection with the virus is considered a work injury.

Moussa explained in an interview with local Syrian Radio Station.

“There is no official statistic for the number of doctors’ deaths as a result of the Coronavirus, and the names that have been published on social networking sites, of whom died as a result of myocardial infarction or tumors, and at the same time we cannot deny the loss of some doctors due to Coronavirus, but we cannot say that this doctor died from the Coronavirus without a swab.

Moussa also confirmed that the virus is present and the spread is still present, and there are many patients who treated themselves at home under the supervision of the doctor by bringing oxygen cylinders if necessary, according to the oxygen rate measured by the doctor instead of going to hospitals and clinics.

For her part, the head of the Syrian Pharmacists, Wafa’a Kishi, confirmed that the loss of doctors and pharmacists is not easy, and the request has also been made to issue a decree to consider pharmacists who died as martyrs, and upon approval of the request, there will be an official statistic for the number of martyrs among pharmacists.

During the past period, the death toll among doctors and pharmacists has increased due to their infection with the Coronavirus, especially in the cities of Damascus and its countryside, and doctors call on citizens to exercise caution and pay more attention to prevention during this critical period so that no more specialist doctors are lost.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, the number of infections with the Coronavirus, as of this morning, reached 2,217 infections, of which 505 cases were cured and 89 cases died, and the Ministry confirms that the infections recorded in Syria are those whose results were proven by the laboratory examination PCR.