Jordan is close to reopen its official border crossing with Syria

The Jordanian Minister of Health, Saad Jaber, announced on Monday, that his country is not considered a green country because of its airports and closed borders, after announcing the imminent reopening of the “Jaber” border crossing, which corresponds to the “Naseeb” crossing on the Syrian side.

Jaber denied in a statement carried by the Jordanian news agency “Ammon” that his country was not considered among the countries, Green due to its epidemiological situation, by the countries that Jordan had previously declared green.

Jaber said, “His country” agreed with the green countries to treat Jordan equally (as a single unit) and consider it a green country, but the closure of airports and borders prevented us from being considered green countries for those countries.

He pointed out that Jordan, with the reopening of its airports and borders, will be considered green countries for those countries, based on the agreement that was made with them in advance, and stressed that any country that closes its borders and airports will leave the classifications temporarily until the reopening of its crossings.

Jaber’s statements came one day after he announced the imminent opening of the “Jaber-Naseeb” crossing on the border with Syria, according to the Jordanian website Khabarni.

He said, “We are in the final stages of restructuring procedures and placing a new medical laboratory under the Ministry of Health at Jaber Crossing,” explaining that the laboratory will be ready on Tuesday.

On the twelfth of this month, the Jordanian Minister of Interior, Salameh Hammad, decided to close the Jaber-Naseeb border crossing for a week, starting from the next day, after which, last Wednesday, he announced the renewal of the closure for another 7 days, starting from last Thursday, due to the increasing number of Coronavirus infections.