Robert Fisk expects the outbreak of a major war between Russian and US forces in Syria

The British newspaper, The Independent, expected the outbreak of a fatal war, between the US and Russian forces in Syria.

The Independent cited that as rockets fell on US military bases in the countryside of Deir al Zour, and a Russian officer was killed by a landmine explosion a few days ago, and the clash that took place between the international coalition forces and the Syrian army in Hasaka.

The Independent said in an article by the famous journalist “Robert Fisk” under the title “It may have been almost forgotten, but the Syrian war is not over yet”:

It is almost certain that in light of recent events there will be more violence involving the Russians, the Americans, the Syrian army and the protection militia.

Fisk, suggested that the killing of the Russian officer a few days ago “was part of a small, undeclared but fatal battle between the American and Russian forces and their allies in eastern Syria”.

Fisk likened, targeting and killing the Russian officer who fell on Monday to along three of his soldiers, wounded.

Major General “Valery Asapov” was the most senior Russian official in Syria at the time who got killed, as Moscow suspected that the mortar shell that hit him was fired by protection militia or American forces.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced in September of 2017 the killing of “Asapov” and his translator in the countryside of Deir al Zour, claimed that the investigations confirmed the presence of those who leaked information about the coordinates of his whereabouts.

Although, it’s noteworthy that remaining cells of the Islamic State issued a statement adopting the attack against Russian troops. 

In a statement broadcast by official accounts and advocacy, ISIS adopted an attack with an explosive device, on Thursday evening, targeting a Russian army patrol near the city of Deir al Zour in eastern Syria, two days ago, killing a Russian general and his translator and wounding two other soldiers.

ISIS “Amaq News Agency”, said in a statement transmitted by auxiliary accounts on Telegram, that “a Russian army patrol was targeted via minefield” planted by ISIS elements “east of the city of Sukhna, killing a Russian officer and wounding others when an explosive device exploded on them.

The statement added that members of ISIS targeted a leader in the Syrian “National Defense” forces in the same area, who was with his companions “when an explosive device exploded on a vehicle they were traveling”, resulting in “his death, along with a number of his protection”.