Turkish Zaman: A former major in the Turkish navy pushes for a story that completely undermines the recent coup attempt in Turkey!

A former Turkish navy officer who was dismissed for participating in the failed coup in the summer of 2016, gave a new version of events completely different, referring to the role played by Turkish intelligence.

Zaman newspaper quoted former naval major Ismail Gulmaz as asserting that “the Turkish intelligence service has a hand in the coup attempt, and played an important role in preparing the psychological infrastructure for the conspiracy that Turkey witnessed”.

Gulmaz explained that what he means by “psychological infrastructure is that the intelligence convinced, in the period prior to the events of July 15, 2016, the armed forces teams that a terrorist attack might happen on them at any moment”. 

Terrorist attacks have already occurred in that period on many high-security places behind the Air Force headquarters, such as Ataturk Airport, military equipment, police vehicles, and security stations.

The former Turkish officer recounted more in this regard, saying: “We were receiving warnings from the intelligence service that the ships would be exposed to terrorist attacks, so he convinced us psychologically that terrorist attacks might occur”.

The newspaper interpreted the above as an indication by the former officer that the intelligence had deceived a limited number of soldiers on the night of the failed coup by announcing an imminent terrorist attack, and took them out of their barracks to make a military move similar to the coup in order to take advantage of the scene formed to achieve its purposes.

Gulmaz also reported, according to the newspaper, that Turkish intelligence also convinced the security forces prior to the coup that terrorist attacks would take place.

The former Turkish officer concluded that it was the intelligence itself that spread rumors on the night of the coup about the occurrence of major terrorist attacks that night.

In this regard, Gulmaz also said: “On that day we were going to participate in a party on the island of Heybali Ada near Istanbul, and we would return at night. 

But Commander Levent Karim said that there is a terrorist attack in the Gulmaz region, and we will return to Marmara.

The Turkish officer continued his view of the events, saying that all forces began to move to confront the reported terrorist attack, “But we were surprised that Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim went out on television and announced that a group within the armed forces was trying to bring a coup. 

Certainly none of us believed the comments were about us because we moved to counter a terrorist attack. 

We were not part of any group. 

They say that there was a coup and the Istanbul Bridge was closed, but we did not participate in the matter because we were not issued any such order.

We were continuing to drive our ship in order to protect it, until the commander of the Navy went out and said that our forces did not participate in this coup, in an interview with CNN. 

Then I went and went to sleep. 

Despite all this, our commander did not tell us that there was no terrorist attack and he did not issue us an order to return. 

After that, they accused us of aiding the revolutionaries.

The former Turkish major accused the Turkish intelligence service of planning the coup attempt, in cooperation with the armed security company Sedat Sadat, the army chief of staff at the time Hulusi Akar, and the team of the head of the leftist Homeland Party Dogu Brinchak.

Gulmaz believed that, had it not been for Erdogan’s release of the accused in the cases of the (Pailuz) coup attempt and the organization of Ergenekon (the deep state), no one would have been able to drag the armed forces into this trap and conspiracy.