The sanctions of the Caesar Act affect 6 Syrian personalities in the third package

The third package of Caesar’s law sanctions affected 6 Syrian military and civilian personalities, among them President al-Assad’s media advisor, Luna Shibl.

The US Treasury Department clarified in a statement today, Thursday, that it has imposed sanctions on President Assad’s assistant, Yasar Hussein Ibrahim, under Executive Order No. 13894, Section 2 (A) (1) (D) for his efforts to prevent and obstruct a political solution to the Syrian conflict (according to the text of the decision).

In addition, the Treasury added that it had taken measures against the Presidency Office and against the Baath Party, adding that the Ministry’s Office of Foreign Assets Control and under Executive Order No. 13573 also included Presidential Media Adviser to President al Assad, Luna Shibl, as well as Muhammad Ammar Saati, a member of the Regional Command of the Baath Party.

The former president of the “National Union of Syrian Students” is on the sanctions list.

In addition, I have included in the sanctions list according to Executive Order No. 13894 Section 2 (A) (1) (A) the leadership of many Syrian military units for their efforts to prevent a ceasefire in the country (according to the text of the decision), including the commander of the National Defense Forces, Fadi Sacr.

The sanctions of the Caesar Act also extended to the Fourth Division in the Syrian army, as it announced the inclusion of the commander of the 42nd Brigade, Brigadier General Ghayath Dallah, in the sanctions list.

In addition, the sanctions once again extended to the “Tiger” forces led by Brigadier General Suhail al Hassan, and the commander of the “Al-Haidar” regiment, Samer Ismail, was included in the sanctions list.

It is noteworthy that this is the third package of the Caesar Act’s sanctions against Syrian military and civilian figures under the Caesar Act, as the second package affected President al Assad’s son Hafez Bashar al Assad, and the sanctions also affected President al Assad and the first lady Asma al Assad.