Syrian tribal leaders support the Deir al Zour uprising against the US occupation

On Thursday, the city of Aleppo hosted the sheikhs of the Syrian tribes, in the third forum of the Syrian tribes and clans, in the presence of representatives of more than 55 Arab tribes and clans, which carried in its current session the slogan “support for the uprising of clans and support for their sons on the Syrian island against the American and Turkish occupations and their agents”.

The Syrian Tribal Forum focused, in general, on the main axes with which the previous forum concluded, represented by supporting the Syrian army and standing behind it, and calling for national unity and cohesion among the Syrian people, while the most prominent points of the meeting that the statement issued by it focused on the issue of rejecting the American presence on the island.

Syria, and support for the popular movement taking place in the areas of the Syrian North eastern area under the control of the American forces and the SDF of the Euphrates.

The statement of the forum, which was held at the “Shahba Aleppo” Hotel, amidst strict precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus, included rejecting the illegal foreign presence in Syria in general, whether Turkish or American, rejecting the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the United States, and denouncing attempts to sow discord and discord.

Among the Arab tribes, by the “international coalition”, and representatives of the tribes and tribes made an appeal to the Syrian President Bashar al Assad to form a tribal council that would be a popular counterpart under the banner of the Syrian army.

The Syrian clans aim, in the current forum in Aleppo, to deliver a message inside and outside the determination of the tribal and tribal sheikhs to “expel the American and Turkish forces from the Syrian lands,” appealing to All the members of the Syrian tribes to join hands and support the Syrian army in the face of the American and Turkish occupations, affirming the support of the clans and tribes for the members of the Akidat tribe in the face of the SDF and the American forces.

The forum is considered the largest of its kind that the country has witnessed about a year ago, as it is a continuation of the founding conference held in Athria early last year.

However, the current forum is gaining special importance in light of the popular movement taking place in the countryside of Deir al Zour, especially from the Akidat tribe, who they had recently formed a tribal army entrusted with fighting the American forces and the SDF, when the latter’s militants carried out several assassination operations against the sheikhs and elders of the tribe.

The areas controlled by the US forces and the Syria Democratic Forces militia controlled by it have prevailed in the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour for more than a week, popular demonstrations demanding the expulsion of the US army and the SDF militants, which have been persistently harassing the people, besieging a number of villages and towns, arresting dozens of youth and targeting them, dignitaries and tribal leaders, and robbing them, the capabilities and wealth of northern eastern region which is rich of resources such as oil, natural gas and large wheat farms.