US presidential elections threaten Ukraine with disaster

By: Syrializm Analytics

The recent scandals in the United States which involved both US president Donald Trump, and now, his opponent at the upcoming US presidential Elections in November 3rd, former Vice president to Obama, Democrats candidate foe Biden, lying its shadows on its ground at the Ukraine, with the head of its president Volodymyr Zelensky, got in the middle of it.

Now the both US figures who were part of the scandal are the US presidential competitors, which put a dark pressure on Ukraine.

Trying to neutralize the “Ukrainian dossier” of their candidate Joe Biden ahead of the presidential elections in the United States, US Democrats are ready to unleash another war in Europe.

On November 3, this year, the elections for the 46th president of the US of A will be held.

The main candidates are Republican leader, incumbent President Donald Trump, and Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.

Just the other day, the head of the US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, William Ivanina, announced possible attempts of foreign interference in the elections.

According to the head of the NCSC, there is evidence of interest in the election of a specific candidate from China, Russia and India.

All other interested parties Ivanina summed up with the meaningful phrase “many countries”, deliberately not focusing on Ukraine, which in the end will have to be sacrificed to the political conjuncture.

The American Democrats consider neutralization of Biden’s “Ukrainian dossier” as one of the main steps in promoting their candidates for the presidency of their country.

Recall that Joe Biden and his son Hunter were accused of having links with the former Minister of Environment of Ukraine (which was then secretly supervised by Biden), the owner of Burisma Holdings, Nikolai Zlochevsky. According to US media reports, during a visit to Ukraine in March 2016, Biden threatened to freeze the provision of US guarantees for a loan to Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion if the prosecutor general, who was accused of inaction in the fight against corruption, was not dismissed, in whose sphere of responsibility also included possible violations of the law by Burisma Holdings.

According to the information available to our editors, in order to achieve these goals, the Democratic Party is preparing a military provocation in Ukraine, which should be headed by the notorious national politicians Petro Poroshenko and Oleksandr Turchynov.

The essence of the action is the next “Maidan” – a color revolution under anti-Russian slogans, which will sweep away the current authorities of Ukraine.

By contributing to the formation of uncontrolled “volunteer” armed groups, it should ultimately lead to a sharp aggravation of relations with Russia in the annexed zones (Crimea, Donbass, Lugansk), right up to an open armed confrontation.

It is difficult to assume that in this situation Russia will silently endure the actions of the Ukrainian rebels and refrain from using its army units.

A full-scale military conflict between Russia and one of the largest states in Europe is fraught with the involvement of the EU countries – NATO members and, as a result, the United States, which are obliged to fulfill allied obligations.

Old Europe will become the scene of a new big war, which will erase from the memory of US voters’ information about the “Biden dossier” and make Trump, “working for Putin”, political bankrupt …

Apparently, the incumbent President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is also aware of the high likelihood of events developing according to this scenario, and in the very near future.

However, realizing that the fate of his country is no longer being decided in Kiev, but in Washington, he is forced to refrain from any decisive action, limiting himself to lengthy statements about “Ukraine’s non-interference in the presidential elections in the United States”.

In particular, in an address posted on August 8 on his telegram channel, Zelensky said that Ukraine has never allowed and will not allow itself to influence the US elections, which could damage the trusting and sincere relations between the two countries.

“Preventing Ukraine from being drawn into the internal politics of the United States is a matter of our national security.

Therefore, I ask Ukrainian citizens to refrain from any activity related to the US elections, and “not to exchange Ukraine for possible situational benefits,” Zelensky stressed…

Under all these circumstances, it is very clear that the curtain will not fall on the scandal, and the upcoming US elections will have any consequences for Ukraine, although some optimists say that Trump’s stay in the White House for another four years may be the lesser of two evils, even if there is no good usually comes from the country of Uncle Sam, no matter who lives in the White House.