Merkel rules out any new easing of health measures as COVID-19 cases rise

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday ruled out any new measure to ease health measures with the current high number of new cases of Coronavirus in Germany, calling on its citizens to strictly respect the directives.

“From my point of view, a new easing of measures is not possible now,” the German Chancellor said, at a time when the first European economy that has so far withstood more than neighboring countries in the face of the epidemic is facing an increase in the number of cases reaching a thousand daily.

During a visit to Düsseldorf (West), she considered that “the increase in the number of cases throughout Germany in the past three weeks” constitutes “a development that should not continue and we must, on the contrary, curb it”.

For this reason, Merkel showed firmness in terms of the need to wear the muzzle in some public places, and also to respect the stone imposed in the event of return from a country that the government classifies as a danger.

And she stressed that fines will be imposed on violators.

She said that wearing a muzzle in public transport or during shopping and respecting the necessary distance between individuals “are things we can and must do”.

Germany records an average of 1,159 new infections per day, that is, the level recorded at the beginning of May, after dropping to 500 cases per day in July.

She confirmed that hospitals are still able to receive the injured.

Merkel stated, “We are in the midst of the spread of the virus, and it is rampant in society and there is no vaccine yet”. 

Merkel’s popularity has increased thanks to her management of the Corona crisis.