Israeli confusion and confusion about the existence of a clause in the “normalization” deal that allows the United States to sell the UAE “F-35” stealth fighters

On Tuesday, Israel opposed the sale of the United States of America, F-35s, to the United Arab Emirates.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said, in a written statement, which Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Twitter, that the normalization agreement with the UAE, which was announced last Thursday, did not include “any approval by Israel on any arms deal between the United States and the United Arab Emirates”.

“On August 3, at the direction of the prime minister, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Drammer, met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and openly confirmed Israel’s opposition to selling the F35 and other advanced weapons systems to any country in the Middle East,” he added.

“The peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates does not include any clause in this regard, and the United States made it clear to Israel that it will always ensure that Israel gets the qualitative advantage”.

In 2016, Israel began receiving F-35s, or “stealth” aircraft, from the United States.

The Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” revealed on Tuesday, that the United States will sell “F-35-” fighters to the UAE after the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.

The newspaper pointed out that selling advanced weapons systems to the UAE could mean the end of the Israeli military superiority in the region, and pointed out that this was a condition imposed by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed before completing an agreement.

The newspaper revealed that US President Donald Trump’s administration will sell F-35 fighters and advanced unmanned aerial vehicles to the United Arab Emirates as part of the agreement to establish diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE.

The newspaper quoted US and Emirati sources as saying that the agreement brokered by the United States included a secret clause whereby Israel would lift its opposition to the sale of strategic weapons systems.

The newspaper quoted Netanyahu’s office, in response, that there has been no change in Israel’s position against selling advanced weapons, which guarantee Israeli military superiority, to any of the Middle East countries.

For its part, Ha’aretz newspaper quoted senior Israeli officials as saying that Israel is still opposed to selling F-35 fighters to the UAE, but there are fears that Netanyahu and his close associates had concluded a secret agreement without consulting with military officials.