Bolton: Trump may announce Washington’s withdrawal from NATO

John Bolton, a former national security advisor to the US president, has said that President Donald Trump may announce the US withdrawal from NATO ahead of the November 3 presidential election.

In an interview published on Sunday with the Spanish newspaper “La Razon”, Bolton added: “There is still about three months until the elections, and from the point of view of US politics, this is a very long time”. 

“There is a real and high probability of what we call the October surprise, when the fourth summit is held with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to declare peace on the Korean Peninsula and end the nuclear weapons program”.

Bolton believes that Trump “may decide to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan, including before the elections. 

Or it may announce withdrawal from NATO”.

In July, the President of the United States said, in an interview with Mark Tyson (of the conservative American Business Institute, commentator for The Washington Post and Fox), that he did not want the United States to withdraw from NATO.