Avia Pro: “Sukhoi 57” and “S-400” became available to Iran after the Security Council refused to extend the ban

The UN Security Council’s rejection of the United States’ decision to extend the arms embargo on Iran opens the doors to the possibility of Iran importing weapons from Russia as of next fall.

According to Avia Pro, the UN Security Council’s rejection of the US decision to extend the arms embargo imposed on Iran means that since the fall of this year, Russia can, on completely legal grounds, start selling advanced weapons to the Islamic Republic, including Sukhoi 35 fighters, “Sukhoi 57”, “S-400” systems, Ka-52 attack helicopter, etc., of which Iran is of great interest.

The US decision to extend the arms embargo on Iran did not get the required number of votes in the UN Security Council, and most countries abstained from voting. 

Two countries voted in favor of the resolution, two voted against it, and 11 others abstained (Russia and China voted against it, the United States and the Dominican Republic voted in favor of it; France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Tunisia and Estonia abstained).

The site stated that “the restrictions imposed on the supply of weapons to Iran under the terms of the nuclear agreement will expire on October 18, 2020”. 

He considered that “Iran is in dire need of modernizing its air defense and air forces, and Iran attaches special importance to the” S-400 “and” T-90 “tanks, as well as fighters and helicopters, which Iran has stated directly.

The site said: “According to some reports, Iran has already concluded contracts with Russian defense institutions, and deliveries will begin as soon as the embargo is lifted, that is, in fact, Iran is already preparing to adopt Russian aircraft and air defense systems”.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the failure of the UN Security Council to reach a resolution to extend the arms embargo on Iran, stressing that his country would continue to work in this direction.

Pompeo said today, Saturday: “(The Security Council) rejected a reasonable resolution to extend the arms embargo imposed 13 years ago on Iran and paved the way for the world’s leading country to sponsor terrorism by buying and selling conventional weapons without specific restrictions from the United Nations, which were imposed for the first time in more than a decade”.