Ankara is angry at Biden’s criticism of Erdogan a few months ago, describing him as a “tyrannical”, denouncing his policy toward the Kurds and calling for support for the opposition

Ankara expressed its anger on Sunday after the publication of a video in which the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, criticized Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and called for support for his opponents.

Bidn made the remarks during a video interview with The New York Times in December, but a video of him criticizing the Turkish government appeared again on Saturday, setting off social media.

When asked about Turkey, the democratic candidate described Erdogan as a “despot”, denounced his policy toward the Kurds and called for support for the opposition.

Biden said in particular, “We must have a completely different approach to him, and make it clear that we support the leaders of the opposition”.

He explained that it is necessary to “encourage the opponents of the Turkish president” so that they can confront and defeat Erdogan, not through a coup, but through the electoral process.

Biden’s interview with the newspaper did not provoke much reaction after its written transcript was published in January, but the video caused an uproar in Turkey and a strong reaction from the presidency.

The position came through the words of the Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, who considered on Sunday that “Joe Biden’s analysis of Turkey is based on absolute ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy”.

He added in a tweet on Twitter, “The time when Turkey used to receive orders from outside, but if you think you can do it, try it. 

You will pay the price”.

Biden’s comments also embarrassed opposition to Erdogan, who has repeatedly accused his opponents of working for foreign powers.

Many officials in the Republican People’s Party (Social Democratic), the main opposition party, have distanced themselves, demanding “respect for Turkey’s sovereignty”.

Biden’s criticism also heralds a possible deterioration in relations between Ankara and Washington, which are already difficult, in the event that he manages to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential elections in November.

Erdogan, who in recent years has worked to cultivate a personal relationship with Trump, has consistently criticized former US President Barack Obama, of whom Biden was his deputy.

Relations between Ankara and Washington were strained during Obama’s second term (2012-2016), due to disputes over Syria and the increasing violation of freedoms in Turkey.