Early next week, an Israeli mission led by the head of the Mossad to the UAE to sign the normalization agreement

According to well-informed security sources in Tel Aviv, the 12th channel revealed, on Friday, in a news that confirmed that it was “exclusive” next week.

The military affairs correspondent for the Israeli TV, Nir Dafouri, citing the same sources, said that the members of the Israeli mission are expected to meet with senior officials in Abu Dhabi, and during the meeting, the sources emphasized, according to estimates, the signing of the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the sources stressed that Israeli and Emirati officials, who will meet in Abu Dhabi, will coordinate the holding of the tripartite meeting in the US capital, Washington, with the participation of President Donald Trump, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Crown Prince of the UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed.

At the same time, the triple summit will take place within a few weeks at most.

The Israeli TV indicated in its report that about a year ago, the head of the Mossad stressed the opportunity open to Israel in the Gulf, as he was quoted as saying that the Mossad found today a rare opportunity, perhaps the first in the history of the Middle East, to reach regional understandings that ultimately lead to peace.

Complete and comprehensive, as he put it.

In addition, Israeli TV, citing security sources, which are most likely from the Israeli intelligence establishment, explained that several former leaders of the entity’s security establishment called on Thursday by phone with the head of the Mossad and congratulated him for his role in achieving the historic agreement with the state The United Arab Emirates, and the head of the Mossad was quoted as saying that he felt just as young children feel, as Thursday was for the Mossad, Cohen added, it was a day full of emotions and feelings, pointing out that the Mossad’s job is not limited to preventing wars, or thwarting terrorist operations against Israel, but also looking for opportunities to achieve regional peace in the region, and working with all force to preserve peace agreements, adding that this is what we did, and we feel very comfortable, and this includes all employees and employees of the Mossad, who worked around the clock from Order to make the agreement with the Emirates “I’m very proud of them all,” said Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.

The 12th Hebrew Channel also revealed that the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen, visited the United Arab Emirates several times in the recent period and was the link for the maturing of relations between the Zionist entity and the richest country in the Gulf. 

The channel added, citing a source it described as a high-ranking politician, that establishing relations with an Arab country in the Middle East rests with the Mossad.

The channel pointed out that the development of relations between the occupation entity and the UAE took place through cooperation in a joint confrontation with the Coronavirus epidemic and through deep intelligence and security coordination. 

This cooperation included, among other things, security deals that took place and will be strengthened at a later time. 

According to the Israel TV channel, Israel and the UAE have a common enemy, which is Iran, and this is what led to the relations being released into the open, as it puts it.

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the head of the Mossad and thanked him for his agency’s help in developing relations with the Gulf states during the years in which he helped develop the peace agreement, as he described it.