Delta Crescent Energy crew touring the oil fields and wells in Rumailan area north east of Syria

While it appears that the US agreement with the “Syria Democratic Forces – SDF” militia to steal Syrian oil has entered into force.

A group of experts and crew from the US oil company, Delta Crescent Energy, which signed the agreement with the “SDF” under the auspices of the US Treasury.

Last Thursday, Delta Crescent Energy company crew toured the oil fields and wells in the oil town of Rumailan, northeast of Hasaka.

The US occupation has lured a new group of young men in the countryside of Hasaka Governorate, especially in the town of al Yarubiyah on the borders with Iraq, through the headquarters of SDF militia and contracting with them as mercenaries under the name of “protecting oil installations” in exchange for a monthly salary up to $ 500, monthly.

Sources pointed out that these mercenaries were sent, along with other groups, to the illegal US occupation base in the workers’ housing in the al Jabsah oil fields in the city of al Shaddadi, south of Hasaka, to conduct a military course for the same purpose.

On a parallel, sources pointed out that the US occupation had brought a convoy of vehicles loaded with materials, logistical reinforcements and tanks to the Syrian territories coming from Iraq for the second time during the past 72 hours.

The sources said that the new military and logistical reinforcements were related to the theft and transfer of crude oil through the illegal al Walid land crossing with Iraq.