The Akidat tribe gives the US coalition forces and the SDF one month to implement their demands

The Syrian Akidat tribe has given the international coalition forces and all the active forces in northeastern Syria, including the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), a month’s deadline to implement a number of their demands.

At the conclusion of a meeting that included its clans in the town of Dhiban in the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour, the tribe issued a statement in which it held the International Coalition Forces and the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), which they described as representing the de facto authority, responsible for the security chaos and instability in Deir al Zour, which appeared in the long-running assassinations.

Some notables in the region, most recently Sheikh Mutashar al Hafl.

The statement called for the formation of an independent and professional investigation committee to investigate the case of the assassination of Sheikh al Hafl.

He also demanded that the Deir al Zour administration be handed over to its sons far from the tutelage of any party, the release of “innocent detainees and the removal of women and children from the camps”.

The Akidat tribe also called on the international coalition forces and all the active forces in the region to “advance the process of a political solution in Syria”.

The Akidat tribe concluded its statement by giving those forces a month to implement the demands, starting from the date of the statement.

The region witnessed security tensions that followed the assassination of notables from the Bakara tribe on the morning of the last Eid al Adha, and then the targeting of dignitaries from the Akidat tribe.

As a result, several villages witnessed protests and demonstrations, to which the SDF responded with bullets, which made the protests expand until the tribes took control of several villages, including al Hawayj, al Shehail and Theban, which included Tuesday’s meeting.