Putin announces the registration of the first vaccine against the Coronavirus in the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday, the registration of the world’s first vaccine against Covid-19 (the Coronavirus).

The Russian President said during a meeting with members of the government: “As far as I know, the first vaccine in the world against the emerging Coronavirus was registered today morning” (Tuesday).

Putin added, saying: “Although I know that it works very effectively, it forms stable immunity and the vaccine has passed all necessary tests”.

Putin indicated that he hopes other countries and countries will produce and manufacture vaccines against the emerging Coronavirus in the near future.

Putin stressed that the vaccination process with the vaccine will be available to all Russian citizens soon and without financial compensation, and it will be in stages, starting with medical teams fighting against the virus on the front lines, reaching the threatened elderly and finally to ordinary citizens. 

Putin said his daughter had been vaccinated.

In the same context, the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, announced that the first Coronavirus vaccine was registered in Russia and showed high efficiency.

Murashko said: “According to the results, the vaccine showed high efficacy and safety, through tests on volunteers who did not show any serious complications”.