French newspaper frightens the world from Putin after announcing a vaccine that saves humanity

A French newspaper, in its issue issued on Wednesday (August 12), published on its home page a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing him as James Bond holding in his hand the vaccine against the Corona virus instead of a pistol.

The picture, which was published by the French newspaper “Liberation” under the title “Tomorrow will never die”, shows Russian President Vladimir Putin in the costume of a British intelligence agent in the “James Bond” movie, carrying a Coronavirus vaccine in his hand instead of a gun.

The first four pages of the French newspaper were devoted to the report on the vaccine announced by the Russian president and the possibility of its success, in addition to the situation of the virus and its spread in different French regions.

The French report spoke about the reason for the vaccine obtaining this specific name, “Sputnik V”, because it is compared to the first satellite that the Soviets launched bypassing the United States during October 1957, indicating that the speed announced by the Russian president about the vaccine will generate doubts in many countries and scholars.

“Putin is the savior of the world?” Now the Russian president is the only one who is convinced that his laboratories have created the miracle vaccine against Corona?”

“The skepticism of the scientific community bother him: Why bother with expert opinion when you can bypass the entire planet? 

How important it is for Putin to be the first to place his flag on this area that has not been touched by the Coronavirus vaccine”.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first vaccine against the Coronavirus in the world.