A Turkish military convoy is the fourteenth since the beginning of the month, entering Idlib

Two Turkish army convoys entered the fourth de-escalation zone in Idlib, northwestern Syria, at dawn on Tuesday, bringing the number of convoys that entered Idlib, since the beginning of this month, to 14.

The Turkish army sent two military convoys, which entered from the Kafrlossin military crossing, and included a number of heavy armored military vehicles and logistical equipment.

The most of the Turkish military convoys are heading to Jabal al Zawiya, south of Idlib, to support the Turkish military points and bases deployed in the region, and to establish new Turkish military points, according to expectations.

It is reported that the Turkish army established several new military points in the region, the latest of which was the military base on Tal al Raqim in the northern countryside of Lattakia on August 9, bringing the number of Turkish military points and bases in the Idlib region to 66 points.

Turkey had recently pushed qualitative and massive military reinforcements to its military points in Idlib, by entering 80 military columns in the past 4 months, which included tanks, armored vehicles, heavy field cannons, ATILGAN anti-aircraft systems, and MIM23 medium-range anti-aircraft systems.