The Akidat tribe in Deir al Zour announces the formation of a military council to confront the US occupiers

The Akidat tribe announced, in a statement issued by its sheikhs and notables in the Syrian city of Deir al Zour, “the formation of a military council for the tribe, the start of a popular resistance against the Americans occupiers, its tools and its mercenaries, and considering them a legitimate target of the resistance,” in what was considered to be a direct accusation by the tribe of the American forces of standing behind an incident The assassination of Sheikh Mutashar al Hafl, one of the tribe’s most prominent leaders.

The tribe’s statement accused the SDF of attacking “the sanctities of the homeland and society, plundering its goods, and liquidating national symbols”.

According to the statement, “the sheikhs and notables of Akidat gathered to take the necessary measures to respond to the Americans occupiers, its tools and terrorist gangs, and to liberate all Syrian lands, and not to compromise on a single grain of soil”.

The statement announced, “the formation of a political council and a tribal army for the tribe as a military wing, to manage its affairs in cooperation with the relevant authorities”.

The statement continued: “The council began implementing immediate practical and direct steps for the Akidat Army, to achieve the comprehensive liberation of the Syrian lands, in coordination with the Syrian army”.

The statement considered that the Akidat tribe believes that “the Americans occupiers, its tools and its mercenaries are a legitimate target of the resistance,” calling on “the sheikhs and elders of the tribes who have been associated with the American occupation to return to the bosom of the Syrian homeland”.

This statement is considered a declaration of a popular war against the American presence and the SDF in Deir al Zour, supported indirectly by the Syrian government, by emphasizing coordination with the Syrian army in any military operations against the Americans.

Damascus is relying on tribesmen to launch popular resistance to expel the Americans from the areas they occupy and restore its sovereignty over the areas where oil and gas wells are spread.

In this context, one of the elders of the Akidat tribe, Sheikh Abdul Karim, said in a media statement, that “the popular resistance launched today will be the beginning of the expulsion of the American philanthropist from our lands”.

He stressed that “history says that the occupier has not withstood the will of the people, who today want to end the American occupation and its theft of the country’s resources and goods”.

While Sheikh al Hafl expected that “the resistance will lead to the expulsion of the occupiers, and the restoration of the Syrian army and tribesmen of national sovereignty over all the areas occupied by the Americans”.