Russian official: This is how the founder of the “White Helmets” deceived the world

A Russian security official revealed that someone seen as the founder of the organization known as the “White Helmets” was an impostor.

Alexander Vinediktov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said in an exclusive statement to the Russian Sputnik news agency, that the British James Le Mesurier, founder and director of the “White Helmets” organization, is concerned only with luxury life. 

That is why he deceived the governments of the United States of America, Britain, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands by fabricating thunderous incidents in order to obtain financial grants from them.

He indicated that the fraudster committed suicide after the scandal was exposed.

James Le Mesurier was found dead in Turkey last November, and it was said in an official version that he had committed suicide.

According to the “White Helmets”, the organization is working to rescue the afflicted in areas of Syria that are under opposition control. 

It was revealed repeatedly that it had spread false information and fabricated videos, among them, which gave the West the opportunity to accuse the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons.