Pompeo expresses concern about Russia’s targeting of official US media

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday expressed concern about the Russian government’s decision to publish a draft decree targeting entities funded by the US Agency for Global Media, an independent agency that manages state-run US media. 

Like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

“For more than 70 years, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty have been vital sources of independent news and information for the people of Russia,” Pompeo said.

“This decree will impose cumbersome new requirements that will limit the ability of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and Voice of America to operate within Russia, compounding the large and unjustified restrictions that these media are already facing,” he said in a statement.

The Russian decree requires foreign media to create a legal entity within Russia to carry out any financial transactions, among other measures.

The US Global Information Agency was established at the end of World War II to deliver American broadcasting to an international audience. 

It now operates five different networks that bring news to 350 million people in 100 countries and in 61 languages, according to the agency.