A Syrian researcher begins trials of a possible vaccine for Coronavirus

Professor of Virology and Head of the Scientific Research Committee for Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic at “Al-Ba’ath University” Homs, Syria, Anwar al Omar revealed new research that is being worked on to find a vaccine for the emerging Coronavirus “Covid 19”, sponsored by a local Al Hoash private university.

Professor al Omar explained the content of his research, indicating that it includes a trial of the (Bronchit) vaccine in preventing the Coronavirus, indicating that the aforementioned vaccine is given to chickens to protect it from the Bronchit virus.

The Bronchitis or infectious bronchitis in poultry is a disease caused by a virus from the Coronavirus group, and it is transmitted through the air and enters the body through the respiratory system, and the duration of the disease ranges between 2-6 days.

Professor al Omar explained that the research will be conducted on blood samples of volunteer veterinarians who have previously been exposed to the (Bronchite) vaccine, to measure their level of immunity against the emerging Coronavirus, and to study the possibility of using this vaccine to protect humanity from “Covid-19”.

He pointed out that there are no risks of the Bronchite vaccine on human health, adding: “As veterinarians, we have been accustomed to it for many years, and hence the idea of ​​vaccinating people with this vaccine”.

He added that the Coronavirus is specifically used in biological warfare, and Covid-19 is a genetically modified virus, but no matter how modifications are made to the original virus, some proteins remain in common between it and the modified viruses, hence the idea of ​​using the Bronchite vaccine in the prevention of Covid-19.

The idea of ​​the research is based on “collecting blood samples from veterinarians based on using the spray method to immunize poultry, then separating the serum from blood samples to obtain the specific antibodies, to see whether the Bronchite virus prompts doctors’s bodies to produce specific antibodies for it to be excreted in the blood serum”.

He added that “it can be confirmed by one of the serological methods of the presence of antibodies to the Bronchite virus in the serum of doctors or not.

If the result is positive, this means that the specific antibodies in the blood recognize the Bronchite virus, and this is an important development for advanced research”.

The second stage, according to age, is based on testing the specific antibodies present in the blood serums of veterinarians with the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19), and if you get acquainted with it, the last stage will be the typing of specific antibodies to the virus and obtaining them in large quantities, and it can be subjected to very accurate tests to determine responsibility about its production genetically.

Many pharmaceutical companies and universities around the world are racing to develop a vaccine against Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging Coronavirus, and some of them have entered the final testing phase, to monitor its effectiveness in protecting people from infection.

The Covid-19 virus appeared in China for the first time at the end of last year, then began to spread in different countries around the world with the beginning of 2020, until the number of people infected with it exceeded 18 million until August 2, and more than 725 thousand of them died.

At the beginning of April 2020, the scientific deputy of the Faculty of Human Medicine at “Damascus University” Marwan Halabi confirmed the start of research at the level of Syria in the therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive aspects of the Coronavirus, based on the available capabilities for that.

To date, 1,188 people have been infected with the new Coronavirus in Syria, of whom 346 cases have been cured and 52 cases have died, according to the latest statistics of the “Syrian Ministry of Health”.