National Interest: When will Israel use its nuclear weapons?

Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the worst secret in international relations among the countries of the world, because it does not acknowledge possessing it yet, although it is the largest deterrent force that secures its existence.

The American “National Interest” magazine says that nuclear weapons are the last resort for Israel, indicating that the Middle East could fall into a sea of ​​nuclear flames.

The magazine continued: “What we must remember is that Israel has a military superiority in conventional weapons at the present time, but this superiority depends to some extent on the strategic environment surrounding it,” adding: “If a political change occurs in the region, Israel could face a new isolation.

To become vulnerable to a new attack by conventional weapons.

The Magazine explained that “in the event of a major attack on Israel, nuclear weapons will remain one of its tools for survival”.

The Magazine added, “Israel has had a nuclear deterrent force, since the 1970s, whose aim is to achieve a military balance with its neighbors”.

The National Interest continued, “Despite the difficult moments Israel faced during the October 1973 war in front of the Egyptian and Syrian armies, no serious consideration was given to the use of nuclear weapons”.

The magazine says: “Israel can use its nuclear weapons to respond to an external nuclear attack even though it possesses advanced air defense systems and means of launching advanced nuclear weapons, which means that it can be targeted in one case, which is that the attack comes from one of the major countries that possess advanced offensive nuclear weapons.

The magazine pointed out that if Iran is considered the one attacking Israel, then Tel Aviv wants to send a prior message that the consequences of exposing it to any attack would be catastrophic and unimaginable.

Israel fears that Iran, Pakistan or North Korea will transfer nuclear technology to other countries in the region, which represents a serious threat to it, according to the magazine, which indicated that it seeks in this case to track down means of transferring the wear and tear of technologies and destroy them if it is able to do so, until Prevent using it against it.

The magazine says: “Israel could use nuclear weapons against any enemy nuclear facilities if it reached an advanced stage that represents a great threat to it,” adding: “It considers that the use of nuclear weapons is the most successful option in destroying those facilities and their personnel to abort any attempt to succeed, a final nuclear projects”.

Although this is not likely at the present time, the essence of the Israeli nuclear program depends on the likelihood that the Israeli army will be defeated in a major conventional war in a way that threatens its survival.

The magazine adds: Arabs can possess a superior military force that threatens to defeat Israel, which almost happened in the Yom Kippur War.

“It is unlikely that Israel will start using nuclear weapons in a future war,” the magazine says, adding: “The best thing to prevent this from happening is to limit the reasons that could push it in this direction, the most important of which is preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in the region”.

The National Interest continued: “If Israel uses its nuclear weapons, it can reshape the diplomatic and security map in the Middle East, for its survival”.