Instead of the S-300: Chinese missiles are appearing in Europe

Serbia is purchasing Chinese weapons, as Serbia has become the first buyer of the Chinese FK-3 air defense system.

It was reported that the Serbian Ministry of Defense had purchased the Russian Pantsir-S air defense system and was eager to purchase the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft system, which the Serbian army witnessed operating on its territory during the joint air defense exercises between the two countries that took place in Serbia.

However, “there is no money”, now, to buy the Russian system, as the country’s President Alexander Vucic said, and Serbia will “save” for that, according to what Topwar has quoted him.

In this regard, the Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Ruslan Pukhov, told Russian newspaper Gazeta Ru: “There is no doubt that China is very interested in supplying its equipment to the markets of the balanced countries, including the countries of the European continent, which automatically increases the status of Chinese weapons marked”.

He added that China apparently offered Serbia very favorable financial conditions for the acquisition of its FK-3 missile system.

The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft system isn’t really cheap.

In addition, the mood in the Serbian political elite is very contradictory. 

A large part of it links the country’s future exclusively to the West. 

To some extent, the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, reflects bias toward Russia. 

However, in general, there does not seem to be any logic regarding the acquisition of this or that weapon.

For the future of Serbia to be linked to the West, it must mean bringing the equipment of the national armed forces into compliance with NATO standards; and for there to be a pro-Russian attitude, that means buying weapons and military equipment from Moscow.

But Belgrade is buying Pantsir from Russia, FK-3 from China, and at the same time looking to the West. 

Such an approach does not in any way imply a unity of orientation in Serbia’s military and political leadership.