“He won’t leave power peacefully if he loses” US American lawmaker reveals Trump’s plan to stay in the White House

James Clayburn, majority coordinator in the House of Representatives, said on August 2, 2020, that he believes Trump has no intention of a “peaceful” transition of power to the potential Democratic candidate for the presidential election Joe Biden, who precedes Trump in US polls related to the entry race The Oval Office, amid fears that the president may try to stay in office if he loses the November 2020 election.

Trump’s allegations: According to a report by the British newspaper The Independent, on Monday 3 August 2020, Claiborne, the Democrat from South Carolina, stated in his interview with CNN: “I do not think he is planning to leave the White House, nor is he planning to run a fair election.

Unrestricted, I think he is planning to stabilize his situation in some way, tied to the emergency authorities to stay in office”.

Last week, Trump put forward the idea of ​​postponing elections amid the Coronavirus crisis, stating that the vote should be postponed; “So that the people can vote safely and in an appropriate manner”.

In a Tweet posted on his Twitter account, the president also claimed that the 2020 elections could be rigged. 

Given that millions of Americans are expected to vote by mail service due to the Coronavirus.

Refute studies: However, experts have questioned the accuracy of these allegations, and have indicated that previous research shows that fraud in voter votes is a very rare event in the United States.

Two studies released by Arizona State University in 2012 and 2016 found that there were only 10 instances of voter fraud by impersonating them nationwide between 2000 and 2012.

The president also wrongly claimed more than once, that he could have defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 popular vote, if millions of people had not “voted illegally”.

But a subsequent analysis of the 2016 elections by The Washington Post found that there were only 4 fraud cases. 

These four cases included three people who tried to vote for Trump twice.

Lawmakers in Congress rejected the proposal that the elections be postponed and excluded them, including prominent Republican members.

For his part, Senator Marco Rubio said: “Trump can suggest whatever he wants. But the law remains the same”.

This, and it should be noted that any move to postpone the elections will require action by Congress, which means that the Senate and the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats, will have to sign it.