Bolton: Trump is “immoral” and might get the United States out of NATO if Trump wins a second term

Former US President Donald Trump’s security adviser, John Bolton, expressed his belief that the United States could withdraw from NATO if Trump wins a second term.

Bolton said – in statements to the German newspaper “Handelsblatt” issued on Monday: “Only a handful of Republicans would like to withdraw from NATO, but if Trump wins a second term, these barriers may fall…

Who knows what he intends to do in the second term?”

Bolton advised the Europeans, if Trump wins the elections on the 3rd of next November, to intensify their diplomacy with the Congress, and said: “The House and Senate can stand against the President…

If there is a withdrawal from NATO or another important withdrawal of forces from Europe, it may be There is strong resistance from both Democrats and Republicans. 

Therefore, it is better for Europeans to reach out to Congress”.

It is worth noting that Trump is currently backward in the polls behind his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. 

However, that does not mean anything to Bolton, as he said: “We should not underestimate the ability of the Democratic Party to fail in the elections”.

He pointed out that Biden must participate in three TV debates against Trump, and there are still about a hundred days until the elections, and he said: “This is an eternal period from the perspective of American politics”.

Bolton, the hardline conservative who served as Trump’s national security adviser until September 2019, does not pin great hopes on Biden’s victory, saying: “I will be very sad regardless of who wins the day after the election,” adding that Biden “sits in his cellar he does not come out much, and if he wins and does not know exactly what to do, we will only replace one problem with a new one.

When asked if Chancellor Angela Merkel is “the last leader in the free world,” Bolton said: “The only leaders in the free world are the leaders of the United States. 

And if the US president is unable to do so, the Western world is in danger because no one can occupy this position,” adding that Merkel is a very strong figure within the European Union”, but it must be asked how long will Germany’s strength last after Merkel leaves office.

“Maybe she will stay in her position for longer than expected,” he said.

Bolton, US President Donald Trump, called it “immoral”.

“Trump is focusing his attention on everything that helps him to be re-elected without focusing on what is best for the United States,” Bolton said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Bolton said that he explained to the President dozens of times that the Korean peninsula was divided in 1945, but he never remembered that, noting that many know that Trump “knows little about history and does not wish to study it”.

On June 20 last year, Bolton promised to pay the price dearly, after the latter obtained a decision from the judge to allow him to publish his book, “In the Room Where It Happened: The White House Memoirs”.

Trump said of Bolton’s book, “It is a mixture of lies and fairy tales,” and emphasized that his adviser “broke the laws” in his latest book.

While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked Bolton, accusing him of “treason”, considering that his new book includes “lies, half-manipulated facts and direct mistakes”.

Bolton, speaking in excerpts presented from an interview about the book, said that “Trump is not eligible for the presidency,” adding that, “I don’t think Trump is qualified for the position, I don’t think he has the competence to take this position”.