The Guardian: Can this anti-Trump republican group oust the president?

The Guardian newspaper published an article by Richard Wolf, entitled “Can this anti-Trump republican group oust the president?”

The author talks about what he calls brutal assaults from a well-funded group of dissident Republicans, aimed at influencing a major segment of opinion in swing states, to defeat Trump in the presidential election and to elect a majority that opposes him in Congress, which is known as the Lincoln Project.

The writer says that there are popular efforts to organize women, veterans and evangelists, to persuade Republicans to abandon the president.

“We look at 3-5% of Republicans in specific states. 

They tend to be more educated than others.

More than 40 years old, the demographic split is about 50/50, perhaps slightly leaning towards men. 

We also see attraction with some evangelicals, and these are usually older and less educated,” the Lincoln Project Executive Director Sarah Linty says.

Trump’s tweets focused on the founding individuals of the project that bothered him severely, according to the author who adds that, given their track record in Republican politics, his expulsion of them as Republicans by name only means that there are very few Republicans who can pass the Trump test.

The writer notes that the pressure did not stop there.

Rather, the Conservative Growth Club took an exceptional step in creating and broadcasting its own advertisement to attack the Lincoln Project. 

The group has been described as a group of failed strategists trying to make a quick profit by hating not only Trump but the American people.

For Democratic advertising makers, the author says the work of the Lincoln Project has earned their respect, even if questions remain about its impact.

The author explains that after Trump’s attacks on the project in May, the group raised more than $ 20 million by the end of June.

“If the goal is modest, I think they can help win the election,” says Jim Margolis, a Democratic strategist and advertising maker for the Obama and Clinton campaigns. 

Remember: Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2016 by less than one point in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. 

So even small gains can mean the difference between Trump’s second term and a new day in America”.