Syrian government harshly condemns the agreement signed between SDF and US oil company, calling it a no legitimate and an integrated theft

The Syrian government harshly condemned, on Sunday, the agreement signed between the Syria Democratic Forces “SDF” and US oil company to steal Syrian oil, stressing that it considers it null and void and has no legal effect.

The Syrian official News Agency (SANA) quoted an official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates as saying: “The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the agreement signed between the SDF militia and US oil company to steal Syrian oil under the auspices and support of the US administration.

The source asserted that “this agreement is considered theft of an integrated and integrated elements and can only be described as a deal between thieves stealing and thieves buying, and constitutes an attack on Syrian sovereignty and a continuation of the American hostile approach towards Syria in stealing the wealth of the Syrian people and impeding the Syrian state’s efforts to reconstruct what was destroyed by most-supported terrorism by the US administration itself”.

The source added that “the Syrian Arab Republic considers this agreement null and void and has no legal effect, and warns again that such despicable acts reflect the pattern and approach of these client militias, which have decided themselves to be a cheap puppet in the hands of the US occupation”.

The source stressed that “these forces must realize that the brutal US occupation will inevitably disappear, and that they will be defeated just like the terrorist groups that the Syrian state was able to defeat… only true Syrians are able to protect their wealth and preserve the unity of their country, land and people”.

Media sources revealed that the agreement, signed last week with a company called Delta Crescent Energy LLC, a company established under the laws of the state of Delaware, provides for the maintenance, development and modernization of oil fields located within the areas of self-control.

According to the sources, the agreement includes the establishment of two portable oil refineries east of the Euphrates, which will produce about 20 thousand barrels per day, which will contribute to filling part of the need for local consumption.

Syria’s oil production was about 400 thousand barrels per day before 2011, and it decreased to the limits of 60 thousand barrels, and about 80 percent of the Syrian oil and half of the gas is located in the areas of the governorates of Hasaka and Deir al Zour, which are controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces.