Among Imposition of wearing masks, the Syrian Coronavirus Advisory Group is considering imposing new measures in Syria

The Coronavirus Advisory Group in Syria discussed a number of measures to be taken with the increasing spread of the virus.

The Ministry of Health in Syria said that the team, in the presence of Minister Dr. Nizar Yazigi, discussed obligating the concerned authorities to compel wearing masks in the places of private closed gatherings such as cultural centers, cinemas, shopping malls, commercial stores, universities, public transportation, buses, and in official circles while adhering to space spacing.

The Syrian ministry of Health added that the relevant authorities were reiterated to prevent hookahs in restaurants and cafes, as they are a source of spreading infection, especially when sharing their use, in addition to reducing activities that require gatherings as much as possible, and imposing preventive measures in them, such as wearing cloth masks and determining the permissible numbers of presence in those activities.

The multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary advisory group on Corona is composed of representatives of the Ministries of Health and Higher Education, as well as the Center for Research and Medical Services.

For the past weeks Coronavirus cases in Syria dramatically increased to reach 809, with death rate of 44, and recovered cases are 256.