A number of the Syrian National Defense Forces were killed in an attack by “Islamic State” on a Syrian army position in the countryside of Deir al Zour

A number of the Syrian National Defense Forces were killed, on Saturday, by an attack by the “Islamic State” in the western countryside of Deir al Zour.

A media source said that 4 members were killed and others wounded in Deir al Zour countryside after an attack by ISIS operatives on one of the points of concentration of a National Defense Force in the Syrian desert village of al Kharta village in the western countryside of Deir al Zour.

The source confirmed that the attack took place after a unit of the National Defense Forces established points on the aforementioned axis in the western countryside of Deir al Zour, after ISIS had detected movements on the aforementioned axis and used it to infiltrate from the north of the al Tanf area and the vicinity of the 55 km area controlled by the US army and armed militants affiliated with US forces to the south, towards the countryside of Aleppo and Hama to the west.

The Syrian army had recently foiled an attempted attack by militants affiliated with ISIS, in an area between an antique in the far north-east of Hama, and Khansar, southeast of Aleppo.

A field source indicated that the monitoring units in the Syrian army were able to detect ISIS attempt to attack the military points, as violent clashes erupted with the organization’s militants that resulted in the death and injury of more than 30 armed men, while a number of army members were killed while responding to the attack.

The source also pointed out that the Syrian army units worked during the last period to comb most of these areas, but the geography of the region that has a large number of trenches and valleys allows the members of ISIS to hide within them, while the Syrian army relies on warplanes to hit these fortifications between now and then.